Our Organic Blueberry Farm was carefully created in the beautiful setting of rolling hills, cycling trails and lovely country roads - located in the rural community of Pinetta (Madison County), FL. Established in 2012, the Allison family is dedicated to providing the finest quality organic blueberry. We have received invaluable assistance from the fine and generous people of Pinetta and Madison County, and our progress would not have been as efficient and productive without their assistance. Our agricultural goals remain consistent with the USDA Organic Standards, and include: Preserve natural resources and biodiversity Only use approved materials Do not use genetically modified ingredients Receive annual onsite inspections. We currently have more then 55 Acres of planted blueberries including, Suziblue, Farthing, Titan, Pink Lemonade, George Dawn, Presto, and Legacy. Our Organic Certification was approved - January 2015.

We also have expanded into producing the finest quality ABGA Registed Boer Goats as well as introducing an organic lavender field, organically grown vegetables and christmas trees